7 Days to Die: An Untapped Potential in the Zombie Genre

7 Days to Die: An Untapped Potential in the Zombie Genre

In the vast expanse of zombie-themed video games, “7 Days to Die” developed by The Fun Pimps stands as a unique blend of survival horror, crafting, and cooperative gameplay. This game offers a glimpse into an intriguing world where preparedness against zombie attacks takes center stage, and teamwork is the key to survival. However, beneath its promising surface lie several flaws that impede its potential to shine in the genre.

Graphics and Presentation: The Visual Struggle

One of the most noticeable aspects where “7 Days to Die” falls short is in its graphical representation. In an era where visuals can make or break a game, its subpar graphics significantly hinder the immersive experience. These lackluster visuals not only detract from the game’s overall appeal but also make it challenging to appreciate the otherwise engaging gameplay.

Menu Controls and User Interface: A Clunky Obstacle

Navigating through “7 Days to Die” can often feel like a battle against the game itself due to its cumbersome menu controls. A user interface that should be intuitive and fluid instead becomes a source of frustration, impeding the smooth flow of gameplay. This aspect, crucial for player engagement, unfortunately, adds an unnecessary layer of complexity to an already challenging game.

Console Optimization: The Rough Edge

For console players, the experience with “7 Days to Die” is marred by poor optimization. This lack of refinement in transitioning the game from PC to consoles results in a suboptimal playing experience. It’s a glaring issue that stands as a testament to the game’s rough edges, needing significant improvements to meet the expectations of console gamers.

The Core Experience: Survival, Crafting, and Cooperation

At its heart, “7 Days to Die” offers a compelling core experience. The focus on survival mechanics, coupled with an intricate crafting system, provides a solid foundation for a great game. The thrill of preparing for and withstanding zombie onslaughts, especially in cooperative play, showcases the game’s true potential. These elements are where the game truly shines, hinting at what could be a remarkable addition to the zombie genre.


“7 Days to Die” is a game with valuable ideas that could significantly contribute to the zombie genre. Its combination of survival, crafting, and cooperative gameplay is a recipe for success. However, its potential is currently buried under technical shortcomings like poor graphics, clunky controls, and inadequate console optimization. With refinement and attention to these critical areas, “7 Days to Die” has the potential to rise from its apocalyptic ashes and become a gem in the world of zombie games.