PUBG : Update 21.2 Enhancing Map Navigation and Gameplay

PUBG : Update 21.2 Enhancing Map Navigation and Gameplay

Krafton, the developer behind the popular battle royale game PUBG: Battlegrounds, has recently announced the details of their latest update, 21.2, set to enhance the gaming experience significantly. This update, scheduled to be released on January 17 for PC and January 25 for consoles, brings a host of changes, particularly focused on map modifications designed to improve player traversal across the game’s diverse landscapes.

PUBG : Sanhok Map Rework

One of the highlights of this update is the meticulous reworking of the Sanhok map. Players can expect to see new sand additions around some of the rock outcrops scattered in the sea, adding not only to the visual appeal but also influencing strategic gameplay. Additionally, the water area around the Ruins has undergone a transformation, now made deeper, allowing players to swim across more effectively. These changes are expected to add a fresh dynamic to player strategies, especially during high-tension chase sequences or when strategically navigating the map.

PUBG : New Bridges for Improved Navigation

Another significant enhancement comes in the form of new bridges. These structures have been strategically added to facilitate easier movement and escape from the storm, a common challenge faced by players during intense matches. This addition is a thoughtful response to community feedback, emphasizing Krafton’s commitment to improving player experience based on player insights.

Equipment and Mobility Updates

Moreover, the update introduces a convenient change in the equipment setup. Ascender attachments, vital for agile movement across the terrain, will now appear as part of the starting items for players. This change is aimed at enabling quicker, more efficient navigation from the outset of the game. In addition, new ascender attachments have been added to specific areas like Cave and rock mountains, further enhancing the mobility options available to players. These additions are expected to open up new tactical possibilities and provide more varied combat scenarios.


In summary, update 21.2 of PUBG: Battlegrounds is a thoughtful blend of aesthetic enhancements and practical gameplay improvements. By focusing on map changes, especially in terms of traversal and navigation, Krafton has shown a keen understanding of what makes the battle royale genre exciting and engaging. Players can look forward to experiencing these updates soon and exploring the fresh challenges and opportunities they bring to the battleground.