Ark Survival Ascended : Next-Gen Open World Survival

Ark Survival Ascended: Next-Gen Open World Survival

After months shrouded in mystery and controversy, “Ark: Survival Ascended” the long-awaited remake of the open-world survival RPG, has finally burst into the spotlight. This surprise reveal, punctuated by a solitary screenshot followed by silence, has culminated in a stunning gameplay trailer coinciding with its unexpected PC launch. Fans who were teetering on the edge of concern over potential delays can now immerse themselves in this revamped universe at least, those on PC can.

PC Players Get First Dibs : Console Gamers to Follow

Marking a near miss of its projected October release, “Ark: Survival Ascended” is now live for PC gamers. This release comes with a caveat – the Steam page still teasingly displays a “coming soon” status at the time of writing. Meanwhile, console players will need to wait until November for the experience to arrive on PS5 and Xbox Series X. This news, dropped during the Xbox Partner showcase by Studio Wildcard, might disappoint some but promises an expanded reach of the game.

First Impressions : A UE5 Masterpiece

What makes the launch trailer of “Ascended” particularly noteworthy is that it doubles as the game’s first gameplay reveal. The footage showcases the lush, remastered forests and awe-inspiring dinosaurs, now brought to life with Unreal Engine 5. Studio Wildcard hasn’t held back in its ambition, promising a game that fully leverages UE5’s capabilities. The result is a visual feast, where every element from the foliage to the fearsome dinosaurs benefits from high-end graphics features like dynamic Global Illumination (‘Lumen’). This technology ensures light interacts more realistically with the environment, enhancing the player’s immersion in a world teeming with prehistoric wonders.

A Promise of Enhanced Gameplay and Visuals

The transition to Unreal Engine 5 isn’t just a visual upgrade, it’s a complete overhaul. “Ark: Survival Ascended” isn’t merely a facelift of its predecessor but a reimagining. The game’s codebase has been rewritten from the ground up, and its artwork painstakingly recreated by hand. The goal? To exploit every ounce of potential UE5 has to offer. This commitment to quality means players can expect not just better graphics, but also improved gameplay mechanics that make the most of the new engine’s capabilities.


For fans of the original “Ark: Survival Evolved” “Ascended” represents a leap into a new era of gaming. It’s a testament to what modern technology can bring to beloved franchises, renewing them for both veteran players and newcomers. While the staggered release might test the patience of console gamers, the promise of an unparalleled open-world survival experience seems worth the wait. With “Ark: Survival Ascended,” the bar for immersive, visually stunning gaming worlds has been raised. The prehistoric world has never looked – or felt – more alive.